Full membership

Open to all qualified intermediaries working within the UK. This includes those trained by Ministry of Justice, Communicourt or Triangle.

As a valued IfJ member you will receive the following benefits:

  • access to IfJ’s online Member’s area with a growing library of articles, practical resources, research, case studies and references
  • access to online discussion groups via closed WhatsApp & Facebook groups, for support and discussion on current topics
  • access to IfJ’s referral system for Witness, Suspect and Defendant, Family Court and Tribunals/Hearing cases
  • weekly email updates on intermediary related topics and IfJ developments
  • 30% off tickets to attend conferences and seminars
  • professional indemnity cover at a preferential rate

Your membership fees support IfJ in:

  • running successful campaigns to raise awarenes
  • providing training on the role of an Intermediary, to organisations within the justice system.
  • further development of resources to improve awareness raising within the public
  • contributing to justice system planning and development, by attendance at meetings.
  • participating in forums, discussion groups and strategic development meetings
  • conducting research which is relevant to the work of intermediaries.
  • the planning and development of IfJ's annual conference

Annual cost:

We offer a reduced rate of £50 for newly qualified intermediaries joining IfJ within 3 months of qualifying with the MOJ. Please select 'Newly qualified' and provide your qualification date in the application form. 

How to apply:

To join us simply complete the online form below. 
For further details please see our Membership policy