What we do

In order to meet the charity's vision and aims, IfJ engages in a wide range of activities that increase awareness and understanding amongst the public and professionals, both on the role of intermediaries and the communication needs of vulnerable people. 

    IfJ increases understanding, knowledge and skills by:

    • providing presentations to other professionals in the justice system, such as the police and witness service.
    • providing high quality workshops, seminars and conferences for IfJ members & all those with an interest in the justice system.
    • promoting and supporting research in the justice system.
    • establishing and maintaining links with allied organisations.

    IfJ develops access to justice by:

    • providing a free online referral system for solicitors and others requiring intermediary services for their clients in the wider justice system (with defendants, in family courts, tribunals and hearings). 
    • proactively responding to news, articles and events in the media.

    IfJ shares information by:

    • informing the wider public on matters of equal access to justice.
    • consulting members and representing their views in response to strategies, position statements and policies in the justice system.

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