New Book - Addressing Vulnerability in Justice Systems

Research and role development

This publication, edited by Penny Cooper and Linda Hunting, arising out of The Advocate's Gateway inaugural conference in June 2015, represents not only the current state of knowledge from experts in the field, but more importantly evidence of a seismic shift in the justice system.

The Rt Hon Lady Justice Hallett has given the book an enthusiastic endorsement: The authors of the chapters in this textbook are leaders in their fields. Their experience and research should help equip legal practitioners, researchers and policy makers alike with the most up to date information about the treatment of vulnerable witnesses and parties in legal proceedings. The challenge for all of us is to ensure that vulnerable people are treated appropriately and helped through the trial process, without adversely affecting the right to a fair trial. I am confident that with the help of the Advocates Gateway Toolkits and experts such as the contributors to this book, we can succeed. I wholeheartedly commend their work to you.

Published May 2016 by Wildy, Simmonds and Hill. ISBN13: 9780854901968