Innovation of Justice: London, 22 Jun 2019

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Reviving the Criminal Justice System

What is 'Innovation of Justice'?

The project is run with the aim of breaking the barriers between victims of miscarriages of justice and those who can change or influence the law. We have four events planned around England and Wales, with the final event ending in the House of Commons. We aim to cover topics such as; issues facing the legal profession, disclosure failings, problems with the offence of joint enterprise, false allegations and more in these conferences.

After the conferences, everyone who is brought together will help nominate and elect a board of representatives that will propose the required changes to the CPS, Police and Justice Committee.

The Conferences

Building on the success of the previous stages of the Innovation of Justice conferences held in Cardiff and Manchester, the London event will deliver further challenging themes. Through formal speakers, group work, exhibitions and audience participation, the conference will deliver a range of potential solutions in response to the known weaknesses of a broken and inadequate Justice System, and highlight the problems caused by wrongful convictions and false allegations. By the conclusion of this London event, we will have a solid project plan, and from which to take each theme forwards. Too many individuals have suffered, too many families have been broken, and the whole of the United Kingdom values and communities suffer from this waste of resource and lack of fairness. Now is the time for a change, justice will prevail.

Sign up for these important events and become part of this growing motion for real change. So come, enjoy, laugh and maybe even cry, but know that we as a team will aim to create a day that is filled with hope that there are better times ahead, and how we, as a collective, can become the voice for justice.

Book your tickets here. Date and Time: Sat, 22 June 2019 09.00-18.00  Location: The University of Law, 2 Bunhill Row, LondonEC1Y 8HQ  Ticket price: £11.25