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Welcome to IfJ’s newly developed website! 

IfJ launched their new website on 15th June, after several months of working very hard alongside Cocomoon Design web developers.

We would like to thank the Legal Education Foundation (LEF) for awarding IfJ a generous grant that has allowed us to complete this project, along with the ongoing film production project.

We hope you find the new website easy to navigate and full of interesting and informative content. From IfJ’s point of view, a lot of improvements have been made behind the scenes, which will greatly improve the efficiency of our administration, so that trustees’ valuable time can be spent developing specific projects that further the vision and aim of IfJ - 'access to justice for all'.

One such project currently underway, is the production of promotional and training films with Franks Films. Additionally, and still at the planning stages is an animation video project (see here). When these two projects are completed we will have some great images, film snippets and short animations to add to the website.

Our long-term aim is for IfJ’s website to be a platform from which to raise awareness of the needs of vulnerable people in the justice system, as well as a central hub for all intermediary related information.

The new website gives us a great platform, from which a wide variety of interesting and useful resources will be freely available to members of the general public, intermediaries and associated professionals.

We encourage solicitors to visit IfJ’s newly developed, free online referral system here. It is quick and easy was of finding a suitable intermediary for clients and has the new addition of referrals for Tribunals and Hearings.

IfJ is very pleased to announce a new membership category - International Full and Associate membership, in order to support global awareness and connect all those across the world, who share our vision of 'access to justice for all'.

For those countries which do not yet have an intermediary system established, IfJ is offering free International Associate membership.

If you are interested in keeping in touch with IfJ for occasional updates, please register your interest here.

We welcome your feedback on the new website – please email any comments or suggestions to admin@intermediaries-for-justice.org

Many thanks,

IfJ Website Team