IfJ members support NSPCC's 'Order in Court' campaign

Research and role development

IfJ members have supported NSPCC's 'Order in Court' campaign NSPCC called for vital changes to our justice system, to make it fair, age appropriate and fit for children. They have pressed specifically for:

  • the opportunity of giving evidence without going to court
  • support from a qualified intermediary to help the child understand the court process
  • training for lawyers so they can cross-examine without confusing and frightening young witnesses

Just three months into their campaign, NSPCC have announced a major success: the Government is to take action under their victims' rights reforms. By March 2015 they will ensure that:

  • there is compulsory training for barristers who take part in sexual abuse cases
  • vulnerable witnesses can choose to give evidence from a place where they feel comfortable, rather than requiring them to go to court, with at least one such location available in each court region

NSPCC will continue to demand progress with their third objective, calling for the further recruitment and wider deployment of Registered Intermediaries. They will also monitor if intentions are translated into action, with measurable improvements in the numbers of young witnesses enabled to give their evidence remotely.