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Join IfJ's closed WhatsApp groups for a quick and easy way to get peer advice and support in 'real time'.  

As a benefit of being an IfJ full member you can join the following groups:

  1. Working with Defendants (WwD)
  2. Working in Family Courts (FC)
  3. Working in Tribunals/Hearings (T/H)
  4. Registered Intermediary Support Community (RISC) - an instant general discussion group where you can freely and securely express and discuss your intermediary highs and lows.
  5. Intermediaries - Children 

These groups are self monitored by members.

Please complete this short application form indicating the groups you wish to join and your preferred mobile number.

Disclaimer: Discussions and information shared in these WhatsApp groups might be used in the IfJ weekly update which is sent to members and associate contacts. All of the information is anonymised to ensure confidentiality. 

For any queries, please email