Durham PCVC Resources

IfJ would like to thank the Office of the Police Crime and Victims’ Commissioner-Durham and Susan Stewart (Speech and Language Therapist, Registered Intermediary and resource author) for allowing IfJ to host these communication friendly resources for witnesses and victims, and Designs Unique for creating the graphics and illustrations.

All PDF's are available as downloads at the bottom of this page.

These PDF resources include:

  • ‘The Victim Personal Statement Resource Pack’. Visual resources to help a victim understand what a Victim Personal Statement (VPS) is, plan for and then give their VPS. These resources are suitable for both people with reasonable verbal and written communication skills, and also children, young people and adults with a communication need.
  • ‘Witnesses and the Crown Court’ PDFs. Each contains a wealth of accessible information about the criminal court process and local judiciary approved court photos. This combination enables witnesses to see and understand the actual journey of going to their crown court.
  • ‘Witnesses and the Magistrates’ Court’. These PDFs explain and show the journey for witnesses going to their magistrates’ court.

Please download the PDF resources and consider making a charitable donation to IfJ to support their work to promote fair access to justice for all.

IfJ members can also access powerpoints of the court photos for use with individual witnesses via this member only page. Just make sure you are logged in to be able to access the page content.

Information about gaining a court pdf for your local court can be gained by contacting Susan Stewart.