Case studies

We hope that our case studies will be of interest to both Full and Associate members. New contributions will be welcome from intermediaries, police, lawyers and others: different perspectives will stimulate thought and discussion.

Our intention is to include, in time, a wide selection of case studies about vulnerable victims, witnesses, suspects and defendants. These will cover children with normal development or delay, and both children and adults with a range of disorders and difficulties such as learning and physical disability, autism and mental health problems.

These case studies are of necessity fictitious, containing no obvious references to individual cases past or present. Based on a composite of cases, however, they provide a flavour of what intermediaries do, highlighting some of the challenges we encounter, and outlining strategies devised with police, lawyers and others to address these.

Suggestions and contributions please to

Pre-recorded cross-examination of a young child

Are you cross with me?

Change of heart

Two girls witness grievous bodily harm

Defendant Mary

Vulnerable Jack’s sense of humour

That young? Surely not!

From depression to empowerment