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Intermediaries for Justice was founded in 2013 and became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Charity Commission No: 1177874) on 10th April 2018.

IfJ works to promote the equality of access to justice for vulnerable people.

Intermediaries work in the Justice Systems of England, Wales and Ireland to enable vulnerable witnesses, victims, suspects and defendants to give complete, coherent and accurate evidence to police and at court. 

IfJ is a body of Intermediaries and associates whose aim is to give ‘a voice to the voiceless’ (Baroness Helen Newlove  – Victims’ Commissioner). 

IfJ promotes equality of access to communication support for people having to deal with the justice system and who struggle to do so as a result of a condition or disability which adversely affects their communication. This includes children and the elderly whose difficulties are age-related. It also covers individuals with mental health conditions and learning disabilities, as well as those with physical conditions affecting their communication.

What are the aims of IfJ?

  • Members of IfJ believe in equality of access to justice for the vulnerable.
  • The object of the CIO is found here:

The relief of need of vulnerable people (including witnesses, complainants and defendants) and the promotion of the sound administration of the law by facilitating communication and the provision of evidence in the justice system through promoting the work of intermediaries registered  either with the Ministry of Justice (England & Wales), the Northern Ireland Department of Justice or non-registered Intermediaries who have attended a course of specialised training from acknowledged trainers in the field and who are able to satisfy the court of their qualifications and suitability.


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Before the RI assessment we couldn’t say if the witness understood anything or not. I can’t express how much it helped. We would have got nothing in a standard interview. I’ve made sure our other sergeants know.

Investigating Officer

The intermediary brought light where there was darkness.