Username & Password FAQs

I’ve forgotten my Username
The confirmation email sent to you on registering your membership contains your Username. If you can’t find it, please email IfJ and we’ll send you a reminder. If you don’t already have an IfJ email address in your Contacts then please use the Contact Us form on the site.

NB: Occasionally members have confused their username with their membership number – they are not the same!

Password Security
IfJ takes password security very seriously. Member passwords are generated ‘secretly’ by the system and consist of a random collection of 8 characters, which may include upper and lower case letters, numerals, and some ‘special’ characters. This provides a very good level of security against unauthorised access. If you forget your password, or need to reset it for any reason, simply click on the Reset/forgotten my password link in the Login panel, enter your Username, and click on the Reset Button. The system will generate a fresh password and email it to you.

Can I change the password to one of my choosing?
Please note that the site does not provide for you to change your password to one of your own choice. It is possible for the website administrator to do this on your behalf, but he/she will of course then know your password. If you decide to take this option you may feel it prudent to avoid using a password that you also use for other critical sites. Please adopt the general format described above under Password Security. As an added precaution the web administrator may run a test on your chosen password and advise you if its security level is inadequate.

The Remember Me facility doesn’t work on my computer
Unfortunately this facility does not work on all computers, and the way it operates can also vary. For example, if you exit the IfJ website without first logging out, you may be able to re-enter later without needing to log in. However this will have security implications if you are not the only user of the computer. We hope to improve this function in due course.

IfJ acknowledges that some users may find these current restrictions tiresome. Our potential membership is necessarily limited in number; and creating a comprehensive website on a modest budget has been a challenge. We are deeply indebted to our web designer Dan Goddard of Thread Creative for his massive efforts on our behalf, within these constraints.