Minutes for AGM Oct 12th 2016

Annual General Meeting

The first Annual General Meeting of the members of Intermediaries for Justice was held at Wyboston Lakes, Wyboston MK44 3AL on 12 October 2015. Online voting closed two weeks later.


  1. The Chair & Secretary’s Report was received and accepted by the members. Please see this report in the members’ section of the website: http://www.intermediaries-for-justice.org/report-for-agm-october-12th-2015/
  1. The Treasurer’s Report on the financial position of IfJ was received and approved. The report is stored in the member’s section of the website: http://www.intermediaries-for-justice.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/2015-Report-Summary-Accounts.pdf

  2.  Richard Lambert was nominated by David Wright and seconded by Jan Jones as Treasurer of IfJ. The membership was asked to vote online. Online voting closed after two weeks and Richard Lambert was voted in as Honorary Treasurer by the membership.

  3. Jan Jones was voted as Honorary Chair and Tina Pereira was voted as Honorary Secretary as a result of online voting by the membership.

  4. No changes were made to the Constitution

  5. No other business was identified. The meeting closed after 30 minutes.

Tina Pereira

Secretary – IfJ

Intermediaries for Justice Oct 15