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What do I get if I join IfJ?
Full and Associate Members will be part of our intermediary national body whose aims are to achieve a shared identity and to spread the word about what intermediaries do. They will also have (password-protected) access to our Members Area which includes a Discussion Forum, a library of relevant materials, detailed case studies and other articles, invitations to IfJ seminars and training events; and the opportunity of competitive professional indemnity cover through Howden UK Group. Further details on joining.

Full membership costing £50 per annum is available to those who have received specialised training to work as intermediaries within the Justice System:

  • those who are trained, accredited, registered and regulated by the Ministry of Justice and are designated Registered Intermediaries (‘RIs’). RIs working within the MoJ scheme in England and Wales support two-way communication with vulnerable victims and witnesses, and with suspects and defendants. All RIs have relevant qualifications and experience, many in such professions as Speech and Language Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Special Needs Education and Occupational Therapy. Their continuing professional development (CPD) is overseen, and in part provided, by the MoJ.
  • those intermediaries who, though not registered with the MoJ, have attended a course of specialised training from acknowledged experts in the field and are designated ‘Non-registered intermediaries’. Such intermediaries work in England and Wales and support two-way communication with vulnerable suspects and defendants; and some also work in family proceedings. They have relevant experience; and their intermediary training and CPD (including supervision and mentoring of new intermediaries) are undertaken by, among others, Registered Intermediaries who are themselves experienced practitioners.
  • those Northern Ireland intermediaries who have been recruited and selected by the Department of Justice (NI), have successfully completed accredited training (Masters level), and are designated ‘Registered Intermediaries’. They support two-way communication both with vulnerable victims and witnesses, and with suspects and defendants.

Associate membership costing £30 per annum is available to those, typically in allied professions, who have a particular interest in the work of intermediaries and support the aims and objectives of IfJ. Members of the police, barristers, family lawyers, judges, researchers and academics are most welcome.

  • The benefits to Associate Members will include invitations to high quality IfJ training seminars; and access to our Library, Case Studies and other articles; and the IfJ Members Discussion Forum.

Newly Qualified Intermediaries membership costing £25 per annum is available to those intermediaries applying within 3 months of qualification date. We are keen to welcome newly qualified intermediaries to Intermediaries for Justice.

  • If you join IfJ within 3 calendar months of your date of qualification, you can join for your first year at the preferential rate of 50% of the normal full member prices. You will have normal full member privileges.
  • Should you renew for a second year, the cost will revert to the full member fee in place at that time.
  • To apply as a Newly Qualified intermediary, follow the join IfJ link below. When completing the form, select the Newly Qualified Intermediary membership status and ensure that you enter your qualification date so that your application can be verified.

Join Us – Full and Associate Membership application

I am pleased to be one of IfJ’s first Associate Members. The work done by intermediaries is essential if we are to give the most vulnerable people in our society equal and fair access to justice. In my role as the National Vulnerable Witness Adviser I regularly deploy to investigations that involve vulnerable victims and witnesses and invariably recommend the services of a Registered Intermediary. The assessment of a witness’s communication needs by a Registered Intermediary and their subsequent participation in the interview planning process makes a significant contribution to the quality of service given to the witness and adds real value to the investigation.

Dr Kevin Smith