Before the intermediary assessment we could not say whether the witness understood anything or not. We would never have got anything in a standard interview. I can’t express how much it aided us. I’ve made sure all the other sergeants around here know.

Officer in the Case

The intermediary has an important function in the interests of justice. He or she can assist Counsel to phrase their questions appropriately and if Counsel cannot do this, then the intermediary can put the question in a way that is understood. (In this case) the intermediary did that several times, each time achieving an answer where Counsel had failed.


She was brilliant. She helped talk for me.

14 year-old with learning difficulties whose speech was almost unintelligible to his interviewer

I had no concerns at all about the approach or conduct of the intermediary. She was excellent, professional and helpful throughout. At no stage did I feel that she intervened inappropriately or assisted in any way other than to facilitate good communication.

Defence counsel

Without the intermediary, we would not have had a case. Justice was done, thanks to the intermediary scheme.

CPS Prosecutor

The recent cases I have had and the willingness of other professionals and organisations to learn about the intermediary role have reminded me why I wished to learn this (role) in the first place.

Registered Intermediary

The simple truth is that without intermediaries we would not be able to offer justice to some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Baroness Scotland, 2004