Current research

‘Examining the role of the intermediary in the criminal justice system’.
John Taggart is currently conducting research for a PhD with the London School of Economics (LSE).

He has asked for intermediaries who work with both witnesses and defendants to contact him ( if they are willing to be interviewed.

John describes his research as:

‘The title of my PhD is ‘Examining the role of the intermediary in the criminal justice system’. The research is empirical and will involve carrying out semi-structured interviews with intermediaries. The reason I am carrying out this research is to look beyond the wording of the legislation and even the relevant guidance to ask what the intermediary role really involves at the coalface. How do intermediaries feel about their role and the work they carry out?

I am particularly interested in looking at how the role is executed when intermediaries work with witnesses on the one hand and defendants on the other. I am not trying to prove a theory or hypothesis with this research, rather I want to explore individual experiences and perceptions. There are no right or wrong answers but instead individual accounts that I don’t think have been properly heard.’

Please get in touch with John at if this is something you are interested in doing.